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На 29.05.2020 07:54:47
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.РУС Goes into Sunrise for Trademark Holders

Registration period for trademarks holders starts on October 7, 2015. Continue...


The mission of gTLD .РУС is to boost the Internet’s expansion both domestically and globally. For its intended target users and in its target script .РУС gTLD seeks to unite citizens of myriad nations through a historically, linguistically and ethnically connected Russian language global community. The TLD provides a home for millions of speakers of Russian Cyrillic-script languages and cultures with ties dating back a millennium. The .РУС gTLD is designed to accommodate a global Russian community, give shape to a single information space to the term used by an English speaker is intended to mean something related generically to one of three different things interchangeably - country Russia or Russian peoples or language, Russian culture. The .РУС gTLD is designed to accommodate a global Russian community.

As the first top-level domain designated for global Russian language community, introduction of .РУС promotes:

  • Formation of .РУС-oriented community online;
  • Creation of an information space oriented to Russian Culture and Language;
  • Development of the interconnection of Internet technologies with Russian culture, language and communities;
  • Increase the attractiveness and availability of the Russian language and culture on the global stage.