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.РУС Goes into Sunrise for Trademark Holders

Rusnames Ltd, the operator of the new .РУС top-level domain, announces the launch of the second registration period. This period will last 30 days, starting October 7, 2015 and ending November 6, 2015. Trademark holders are exclusively eligible to participate in this period.

Who can apply for a .РУС domain name?

The owners of trademarks protected by statute or treaty in the Russian Federation (registered under national procedure in the Russian Federation or protected under international procedure in the Russian Federation).

Eligible trademarks

  • Trademarks that are effective at the time when the application is submitted;
  • The trademarks that will not expire for at least one year from the start of this registration period;
  • Trademarks registered for such goods, products and/or services (classes of the Nice Classification) that are not forbidden or restricted for advertising in the Russian Federation.
If there are two or more applications for the same domain name, the registrar shall accept the application on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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